How to prepare for your family session

So you’ve scheduled your family session. You chose the perfect location and outfits…. You’re ready to go, Right?!

Currituck Family photo session beautiful young couple hold their baby up in the air on a farm.

Well there are a few things to consider if there will be children at the session, and also a few things you can do to help ease dad’s feelings on the matter. Because let’s face it… if your reading this blog, you are probably the mama, lol. No offense guys.

So for my family sessions I like to give just a few little tips that can set the tone for a nice relaxed family photo session. My intention is always to capture your precious family connections.

Currituck North Carolina Family Portrait, mom and dad squat down and hold their little girls hand at sunset, photo taken by Laura Walter Photography

5 Quick tips for an easy family session

  1. Please remember to arrive on time. My sessions usually last around an hour and a half.. My goal is to capture who your family is right now, not to make you do anything stiff or unnatural. 
  2. I promise we will have a lot of fun! I encourage you to make this a fun family experience. Instead of bribing your children with a treat, make this a feel good day.  Of coarse feel free to bring the items that you know your children love, just in case. But we will probably be too busy for them to ask for them.
  3. It may be a good idea to show the kiddos a few pictures of me from my website, so they feel less nervous about meeting me for the first time. And also, show dad a few pictures from the portfolio, so he is prepared for the activities that we do, and has an idea of the type of images that we will capture.
  4. Make plans to go out for dinner or a treat before or after the session as a family. Not as a reward but as part of the overall experience. 
  5. I will worry about your kids behavior, you just need to show up prepared to have fun and relax. 
Currituck County soundside Family photo session, grandparent with theire grandchildren, cute baby kissing a little girl, while grandma holds her and three children lay on a blanket in the grass.  Photos by Laura Walter Photography

Easy peasy… that’s it! Show up ready to have fun and let your love light shine. If you are planning your next family session now or in the future give me a call or you can fill out the contact form here>> Contact Laura

Also I’d love to know how you have prepared for family sessions in the past. If you have any useful tips please leave them in the comments below. And as always let’s stay in touch, connect with me on Facebook.

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