Weston’s Fishin Trip

Hands down, the hardest part of my job is pickin favorites. It’s near impossible for me to choose what to share for a sneak peeks. And this was definitely no exception. TBH that’s why I deliver such large galleries, cause every expression and moment is so priceless. And this little guy is sooo stinkin cute, seriously guys, you should see the whole gallery. The struggle is real!

Weston took us on an adventure this weekend in full Currituck fashion. And we had a blast!

He’s a fun and adventurous little cutie, and all BOY. He showed us how to flounder fish with gummie worms, he caught some grass and he was so tickled. He was all about scouting out the best places for fishin and pictures (a boy after my own heart) We were out on a beautiful hunt club property, and he even caught a beautiful feather for his mama, such a sweetheart…

He’s strong. helpful, energetic, and kind. I know his fishing and hunting buddies are gonna be love to be out with him, never a dull moment….

Here’s a little sneak peek….

Currituck, NC boy with a fishing stick in the woods.

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